Sunday, 17th June 2012, 17:00 hours, Slavnica airfield,Slovakia10th EC SAM

Annual European SAM Committee Meeting


Present :

Nick Bruschi, Chairman (San Marino)

Rover Mersecchi (Italy)

Gerhard Rauter ( and interpreter, bothAustria)

Alojz Pajdlhauser (and interpreter, bothSlovakia)

Jaroslav Rybak ( and interpreter, bothCzech republic)

Kalman Gelencser ( and interpreter, bothHungary)

Yves Bourgeois ( and interpreter, both Belgium)

Ed Hamler (USA)

Jose Manuel Rojo Ara (Spain)


1. Chairman Bruschi opens Meeting and reads minutes of previous Meeting in San 

    Marino which are definitely approved.

2. Chairman election : Nick Bruschi is unanimously reelected President of European  

    SAM  Committee for one year period.

3. Secretary election: Holger Menrad wrote resign letter to the President because of

    his illness. President Nick Bruschi proposes Jan Sabo ofSlovakiaas his successor.

    Jan Sabo is unanimously elected Secretary of European SAM Committee for one

    year period.

4. New Committee members : President welcomes Rover Mersecchi, who replaces

    Tiziano Bortolai for Italy, Yves Bourgeois for Belgium and Gerhard Rauter for

   Austriaand new Committee member Jose Manuel Rojo Ara fromSpain.

    Mr. Rojo presents a letter from Portugal SAM where he is appointed

    representative ofPortugal.

    Committee rejects this nomination because Mr. Rojo is Spanish and cannot


    Mr. Rojo is temporarily accepted as representative ofSpainbutSpainmust form

    an official Spanish SAM organization as soon as possible and request recognition

    to the Society of Antique Modelers ofUSA.

    Mr. Rojo accepts invitation and will provide in due time.

5. Debate.

6. Decisions made :


    a) A deposit of 50 Euro must be forwarded  alongwith every official protest   starting from this year’s EC inSlovakia.

    b)Germanyis not officially represented as Dabrowski has resigned and no

         successor has been named or announced yet.

    c) All proposals for Rule improvements/changes for next three year period must be

        sent to President Nick Bruschi before next year’s Annual European SAM

        Committee meeting inHungary.


    d) 2013 SAM EC inHungarywill be held in JAKABSZALLAS airport from

        23rd to 28th June 2013.

    e) All Presidents are requested to prepare and submit to President Bruschi a list of

          national model designs containing : model name, designer’s name, year of   

          model, engine type and wing span.

          The aim is to promote national designs in other countries and give opportunity

          toUSAorganization to complete an international list.

     f)  2014 SAM EC inItalywill be held from 25th to 30th June in Valle Gaffaro


7. Announcement : Alojz Pajdlhauser briefs Committee about 10th SAM  EC Jubilee and Opening Ceremony to be held next day (Monday) at 10:00 in front of the   

    main hangar.

8. Conclusion of Meeting is announced by President Bruschi and a gift to all

    Presidents is presented by Alojz Pajdlhauser, SAM President of host country,




           Nick Bruschi, President                                  Jan Sabo, Secretary

          L' Espagne a rejoint Le SAM sous le chapter 1910